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Youth Player Development

Our youth player development path is based on essential pillars for youth soccer player development.

Futsal Development Project (Brazilian Futsal Academy) – players U5 to U12

Futsal is the indoor version of association football (soccer) that is officially sanctioned by football’s international governing body, the Federation International de Football Association (FIFA). Futsal is played between two teams of five players, one of which is the goalkeeper; in addition each team may have a number of substitutes. Unlike some other forms of indoor football, the field is delineated by lines, not nets or boards which the ball may be played off. The ball used tends to be heavier and therefore promotes better ball control and on the ground passing. Furthermore the smaller area of play forces players to improve their skills and reaction time to on the spot decision making.

Futsal to Pre-Academy Youth Soccer Transition – players U6 to U12

Futsal forces players to think and play the game much quicker than full field soccer; this conditions the mind to play under the most demanding pressures the full field game has to offer. In addition to mental sharpness and technical superiority, futsal is proven to develop creativity, player confidence on the ball and perhaps most importantly a sound transitional game; an area many coaches and experts identifies as a key component to playing successful soccer. Unlike the full field and modern versions of indoor soccer, players have nowhere to hide in futsal. They must be involved in the play and are often forced to make decisions and attempt skills repetitiously that they might not be forced to perform in variants of indoor/outdoor soccer.

Our transitional futsal to soccer program is based on the youth development strategies being used in soccer abroad:

  • U5: 100% Futsal                                            U6: 85% Futsal / 15% Soccer                                     U7: 70% Futsal / 30% Soccer
  • U8: 55% Futsal / 45% Soccer                     U9: 45% Futsal / 55% Soccer                                     U10: 35% Futsal / 65% Soccer
  • U11: 25% Futsal / 75% Soccer                    U12: 15% Futsal / 85% Soccer                                    Over 13: 100% Soccer

Youth Soccer Academy System (in-house concept) AND Youth Academy Alliance Program – players U13 to U19

Leveraging the lodging facilities around the San Bernardino Soccer Complex, we would like to explore the opportunity to host potential “soccer stars” willing to staying in the Inland Empire's region further developing their soccer skills at the SBSC, benefiting from the player development system developed by our team. Our concept is based on other successful programs that found the ability for the club to create one philosophy, one mentality, from the bottom of the club (youth academy) through the U18-U23 Development Leagues (NPSL & PDL), passing to lower level professional leagues (USL & NASL), until the player can bring the concepts learned at our academy one he has reached a top tier team domestically (MLS) or internationally.

Professional Soccer in San Bernardino – players over 18 years old

To say that Southern California is a soccer community would be an understatement. The local community has produced steady stream of U.S. national team players, as until this year, Southern Californians had appeared on every US World Cup roster since 1990. And at the grassroots level, an intricate array of local youth leagues run over with talent – so much so that some scouts consider the region the most fertile in the US. Even though it can’t get a professional soccer team yet, Inland Empire County could be US soccer heaven. We can definitely expect that trend to continue, as we mentioned before, Southern California is the home to one of the largest youth soccer programs in the country, and our program/proposal would be inclusive for the local youth teams, who chose to be part of our youth academy alliance program.


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